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Training with Sure Crete GFRC Concrete Countertops

This week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I got the opportunity to train with Sure Crete trainer Chris Franzen. From the very start at 8 am we hit the ground running learning about Sure Crete products and techniques for GFRC concrete countertops. I was not only impressed with the product but how well Chris could demonstrate in manufacturing Sure Crete’s GFRC mix. I have taken countertop training before but this is well beyond any material I have used. Im excited to add Sure Crete’s materials to offer to my clients for a long lasting and durable product.

Not only did I learn about concrete countertops installation I also had training in wall panels for showers, custom tile, integral sinks and furniture.

The advantages of concrete countertops is the versatility in  colors, textures and the custom design that granite can not provide. A concrete countertop artisan can add more color or take color out for a custom unique piece. When creating a countertop, the home owner, general contractor, home builder gets the opportunity to own a one of a kind surface that can’t be duplicated.

Choosing colors and textures for a customers needs are at the top of the priority list for Impression Concrete Elements. We will work closely with our clients and provide sample pieces before the start of each project. This will ensure a customer gets exactly what they want. When it comes to concrete countertops the sky’s the limit from textures and colors. We can emulate marble with realistic veining, terrazzo, and travertine or a smooth solid color. SureCrete has designed a sealer to keep the natural look that will not stain or scratch and can withstand a temperature of 350 degrees.

GFRC is becoming the choice material for building countertops because of the strength it produces. With SureCrete products the PSI (pounds per square inch) is 10,500 PSI. For example a driveway at 4″ thick at best is 4500 PSI.  Give us a call today for your free consultation (913) 624-4147



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Epoxy flooring,metallic epoxy, basements,garage loors

Metallic Epoxy|Interior Flooring|Kansas City

Metallic epoxy flooring creates a beautiful marble illusion that will bring any space  to a show room. This decorative concrete finish is smooth and can be left a glass appearance or can be top coated. The top coat will add the  extra durability for high traffic  areas with a high wear urethane. This urethane includes an aluminum oxide formula that is nearly impossible to scratch and knocks down the sheen from glass finish to a satin/semigloss. This epoxy finish has many colors to choose from and has a better effect when two colors are used together. The main color is applied and highlight color to add more of a 3d effect. This metallic epoxy coating will look good in a space for:

-Airports                                                  -Galleries

– Art Centers                                         – Hotels

– Auditoriums                                        – Kitchens

– Banks                                                       – Lobbies

– Bars, Pubs, Taverns                         – Lounges

– Casinos                                                   – Restaurants

– Country Clubs                                    – Retail Stores

– Department Stores                         – Showrooms

– Garage Floors                                     – And more……

We specializes in concrete overlays, epoxy coatings and concrete counter tops to leave a lasting impression.