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 Skip trowel overlay on a patio and stained with Elite Crete products.


Decorative concrete is the use of concrete materials for aesthetic reasons for a building structure. There are many types of finishes that I will discuss in this article. Here is some that I will explain here: stamped concrete, concrete dyes, acid stain, water based stain, polymer overlay, stamped overlays and epoxy coatings.

Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is used when concrete is poured for new construction for driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, basements and retail venues. The concrete is poured and manipulated with stamps resembling wood, stone, slate, fossils and shells. Virtually any natural pattern of nature for less of the price of the real thing.

The installation of stamped concrete is forming the radius of the space with concrete forms. After the concrete is screeded its finished with concrete tools and stamped when the concrete can be manipulated with the concrete stamping skins. The coloring process is used at this point with color hardeners, powder or liquid release. Integral colors and acid stains may be used as well to get a variation color pattern desired by the owner. Intricate designs can be produced by using these concrete stains and dyes for an awesome effect.  For estimates for stamped concrete contact  Better Concrete Construction Company


stamped concrete
Patio stamped concrete by Better Concrete Construction Company


Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are the new upcoming way to stain concrete. Decorative concrete is changing due to the latest technology for an artisan to stain a concrete overlay. The vibrant colors from the concrete dyes allows more intense colors than using chemical stains like acid staining. Stains which react chemically with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, dyes are a nonreactive that penetrates the surface. Particles are the difference between concrete dyes and stains. The particles in concrete dyes are smaller and penetrate the concrete surface and make it a more permanent than stains. The residue is very minimal and much easier for cleanup which speeds up the process for the sealer.

Dyes are produced in water based or solvent based and range from monotone to a translucent, depending on the application process. The water based dyes for decorative concrete are the most desirable because it creates a marbling effect. Solvent based creates a more opaque, coloration and penetrate the concrete surface fast leaving no room for error.

Concrete dyes are not UV stable, so the use for this coloring system is only advised for interior projects. The colors from concrete dyes broaden the artisans palette which cannot be achieved with an acid stain. Using concrete dyes it is mandatory to use a concrete sealer to lock in the color.

Acid Stain

Acid Stains are composed of water, hydrochloric acid and water- soluble metallic salts that penetrate and react with the chemicals in a concrete substrate. Acid staining is not like a paint but stains the concrete pores to produce insoluble color deposits. Acid stain is a more popular way to color decorative concrete because its versatility. Acid stains can be applied both interior and exterior for solid concrete surfaces and decorative concrete overlays. This coloring system can last for many years with a professional installation and proper sealer or wax.

Not all concrete surfaces are eligible for an acid stain. A smooth surface will get the most attractive look preferably machine trowel finished. If the concrete surface is spalled or exposed aggregate the stain will not react. Later in this article we will discuss a decorative concrete overlay to produce a smooth finish for rough concrete slabs.

The preparation for acid  stain will depend on the concrete slab. If the concrete is  new construction, allow four weeks for  the concrete to cure. In colder elements adding additional time would be recommended for a cure time. Note not to do an acid stain in colder temperatures for the reason of the acid itself and sealer may have temperature guidelines. On older concrete slabs the surface needs to be thoroughly clean to remove dirt, grease, oil or glue residue for the acid stain to react properly.

The decorative concrete business has been growing rapidly for the past couple of years, and acid stains has been a big part in this growth. Homeowners and contractors alike are learning how to apply this beautiful finish and designers and architects are asking for it. The acid staining market is growing and expanding for decorative concrete options and are here to stay for many more years.

Water Based Concrete Stain

Water based concrete stain is a one component UV stable colorant for interior and exterior. This staining product is primarily used for decorative concrete overlays and concrete countertops. Water based stains hardens, dust proofs and adds beautiful color to a concrete surface.  Its ideal for residential or commercial including porches, driveways, patios, pool decks, and retail store fronts. The water based concrete stains is also suitable for interior concrete floors in basements or garages. A variety of colors are available and the colors are compatible when mixed together.

Siliconized acrylics are the best to use for the UV stability and for the extra protectant. These stains can be solid color or transparent and hold color value when using multiple colors together. The colorant is mixed with water and can be diluted for the desired hue. It can be rolled, pump up sprayer or spray bottles.

Polymer Overlay

A decorative concrete polymer overlay is a blend of white portland cement, various aggregates and polymer resins. A concrete overlay can give an ugly concrete surface a complete makeover for a more decorative appearance. The possibilities are endless with a concrete overlay from texture to the staining.  This product can be applied to resurface or can be applied in multiple layers (see our skip trowel technique). Here are examples of different  overlay procedures:

Micro Toppings or Skim Coats can be a troweled technique for an ultra smooth appearance.  Colors can be added to the polymer material when mixing for a solid color or can be stained to marbelize for more variations. The thickness for this material is anywhere from a feathered edge to  1/8″.

Spray Down Systems  are usually applied as a splatter coat for a knockdown appearance. For this technique stencils may be used for many different patterns of stones or brick accents. Colors may be used integral  in the mix or may be stained with acid or water based stains after the installation. This finish is skid resistant and perfect for surfaces on pool decks, sidewalks and driveways. Thickness for this technique is an 1/8″.

Stamped Overlays are similar to stamped concrete but over existing concrete rather than a complete tear out and replace. Some surfaces may not be suitable for a stamped overlay and may require a tear out and replacement. The same look can be achieved mimicking slate, wood, stone and brick. Coloring and staining procedures are  colored liquid, powder release, stains, dyes and tinted sealers. Thickness for stamped overlays varies from a 1/4″ to 3/4″.

Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Metallic epoxy coatings is one of the hottest trends for decorative concrete today. This is a two component with a 100% solids epoxy blend with metallic pigments. This finish has a showroom appearance in the third dimension. This floor finish is ideal for both residential and commercial retail spaces. There are many different color combinations to choose from to achieve a 3D affect.






Interior Metallic Epoxy Flooring Kansas City

Metallic Epoxy Coating That Bring Interior Concrete Flooring To Life

Metallic epoxy is one of the hottest trends for decorative concrete today. While this finish has been in production for a few years now its rapidly becoming a choice concrete finish. The metallic epoxy comes in many colors to choose from and looks best but limited to two colors. There are many ways Impression Concrete Elements can install the metallic epoxy floor coating. The most popular is suggested a main color with a contrasting highlight color. A 50/50 is an awesome look to appear as a marble. Metallic epoxy is the new generation of decorative concrete in comparison to acid staining.This flooring can be left with a glass like appearance or can be toned to a satin finish with a high wear urethane. The high wear urethane is a three part component that includes aluminum oxide.

Metallic epoxy flooring creates a beautiful marble illusion that will bring any space  to a show room. This decorative concrete finish is smooth and can be left a glass appearance or can be top coated. The top coat will add the  extra durability for high traffic  areas with a high wear urethane. This urethane includes an aluminum oxide formula that is nearly impossible to scratch and knocks down the sheen from glass finish to a satin/semigloss. This epoxy finish has many colors to choose from and has a better effect when two colors are used together. The main color is applied and highlight color to add more of a 3d effect. More Interior flooring ideas.

Spaces for Metallic Epoxy:

-Airports                                                  -Galleries

– Art Centers                                         – Hotels

– Auditoriums                                        – Kitchens

– Banks                                                       – Lobbies

– Bars, Pubs, Taverns                         – Lounges

– Casinos                                                   – Restaurants

– Country Clubs                                    – Retail Stores

– Department Stores                         – Showrooms

– Garage Floors                                     – And more……

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Metallic Epoxy, Epoxy Coatings And Garage Flooring Ideas

Metallic epoxy coatings are a great way to add some life to a plain grey slab of concrete. This epoxy coating is durable and adds a show room look as well.  Garage floors are mechanically troweled when poured and add a sealer in this process. Before Epoxy floors are installed the sealer needs to be mechanically removed to give the proper profile to accept an epoxy. This step is vitally important to ensure a proper installation.

This garage floor we used Elite Cretes Epoxy and Metallic powder colors gunmetal for the main color and pearl for the highlight. One color may be used, two colors reacting together has an awesome effect.  The metallic powder in the epoxy move constant until the epoxy flashes (starts to dry) and essentially get the marble finish. In garages I recomend a high traffic urethane that has aluminum oxide to get the maximum durability to the surface. This erethane tones the epoxy from a high gloss to a satin/semi gloss finish.

Driveway Overlay, Brick Border In Overland Park Kansas

Driveway overlay

This driveway was a perfect candidate for a concrete overlay. It had some cracks in various places that I opened up and filled with a hydraulic concrete that when cured out it will reach 9000 PSI (pounds per square inch). That product is double the strength of the original slab and a cement overlay material will bond nicely. With todays technology and new materials on the market I would say most driveways can be saved from a tear out and replace. Now there are some scenarios that an overlay just isn’t possible. For example if its fractured completely through or if there is just too much rubble for a material to bond to.

Decorative concrete is becoming more popular for curb appeal for the added beauty to a home. There are many different techniques and colors to provide a more custom look for a home owners needs. Featured in this article I installed 3 layers of the cement overlay material. The first coat is the bond coat which is the darkest color of chocolate. The second layer is half the integral color of the base and skip troweled to cover about 70 percent. The last layer is the lightest integral color skip troweled uniformly to show the first two coats. I used 3 different colors of brown stain from a light, medium and dark. Two stain colors have a chemical reaction with the main brown to give a custom effect.

A brick border was added for a more decorative feel to match the brick on the landscape and the house. I applied a grey overlay for the base (grout color) then used a special fiber tape for each brick. The second layer is a brick red which is also an integral color mixed in the concrete mix. I pulled the tape then stained each individual brick to make them look more realistic.

I let the stain dry over night then applied two coats of a penetrating high solids sealer. This sealer is impervious to salt and is UV protected. For maintenance this driveway will need to be re-sealed every four years to keep it looking new. For more exterior concrete overlay ideas take a look here.

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Tuscan Slate Tile Overlay Kansas City

This Tuscan Slate tile overlay on this basement floor was completed with Elite Crete products. The floor was mechanically profiled to remove the cure and seal to expose raw concrete. A base coat was applied with the color for the grout and fiber tape was placed for Tile. An extra thin coat was applied to cover the tape with a dark chocolate. The first skip trowel layer with less color which covers about 70 percent of base coat. The last skip trowel coat had just a little color to tone down the white thin finish overlay material.

I stained the floor with two different colors using chocolate and a brown from Butterfield. Using two different types of these stains cause a cool chemical reaction that you cant get using two of the same medium. After the concrete stain dried I used another color of brown to slightly antique at 100 percent flood. After this dried I pulled the tape to expose the grout color and sealed with clear epoxy.

We service Kansas City Metro and surrounding cities: Desoto, Gardner, Overland Park,  Olathe, Shawnee, Mission, Leawood, Kansas City Kansas, Lawrence, Louisburg, and in Missouri, Blue Springs, Lee’ Summit, Platte City, Harrisonville, Odessa, Lexington, Liberty, Gladstone and all cities in between.

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Call (913) 624-4147 for a free consultation. We specializes in concrete overlays, epoxy coatings and concrete counter tops to leave a lasting impression.