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Metallic Epoxy|Interior Flooring|Kansas City

Metallic epoxy flooring creates a beautiful marble illusion that will bring any space  to a show room. This decorative concrete finish is smooth and can be left a glass appearance or can be top coated. The top coat will add the  extra durability for high traffic  areas with a high wear urethane. This urethane includes an aluminum oxide formula that is nearly impossible to scratch and knocks down the sheen from glass finish to a satin/semigloss. This epoxy finish has many colors to choose from and has a better effect when two colors are used together. The main color is applied and highlight color to add more of a 3d effect. This metallic epoxy coating will look good in a space for:

-Airports                                                  -Galleries

– Art Centers                                         – Hotels

– Auditoriums                                        – Kitchens

– Banks                                                       – Lobbies

– Bars, Pubs, Taverns                         – Lounges

– Casinos                                                   – Restaurants

– Country Clubs                                    – Retail Stores

– Department Stores                         – Showrooms

– Garage Floors                                     – And more……

We specializes in concrete overlays, epoxy coatings and concrete counter tops to leave a lasting impression.